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Please read our sponsor response form concerning sponsorship of certain events during the festival.


We ask that you consider sponsoring the festival and help continue the Bonfire Tradition that has existed for so many years. In addition, you will not only continue a tradition, but you will also help many of our local, state, and national charities, that The Festival of the Bonfires has elected to support.


Thank you,



Jamie Vicknair

President, Festival of the Bonfires



Raymond Poche

Vice President, Festival of the Bonfires

2016 Sponsorship Board.docx2016 Sponsorship BoardSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Bonfire Permit Application.doc2017 Bonfire Permit ApplicationSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Potato Salad Showdown.docx2017 Potato Salad ShowdownSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Bread Pudding Bake Off Application.docx2017 Bread Pudding Bake Off ApplicationSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Gumbo Cookoff Application.docx2017 Gumbo Cookoff ApplicationSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Miss and Teen Pageant Application.docx2017 Miss and Teen Pageant ApplicationSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Children's Pageant Application.doc2017 Children's Pageant ApplicationSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Crafter's Application.docx2017 Crafter's ApplicationSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Bonfire Race Application.doc2017 Bonfire Race ApplicationSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Car Show Application.doc2017 Car Show ApplicationSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Sponsorship Levels and Response Form.docx2017 Sponsorship Levels and Response FormSP\jamie.vicknair8
2017 Tree Letter and Registration Form.docx2017 Tree Letter and Registration FormSP\jamie.vicknair8